Applying for an O-1A Visa in the U.S.

The O-1A visa is granted to individuals who possess extraordinary abilities and are solidly ranked in the highest percentiles of their current field of work or profession. You must be the absolute best, belonging to the very small percentage at the top of your “field of endeavor.” No labor certification is required, but you must have evidence that you work in your area of specialty and an internationally recognized award.

What is an O Visa?

The O-1A visa is aimed at individuals demonstrating extraordinary abilities in sciences, business, athletics, sciences, and in the case of the O-1B visa, the motion picture, and television industry. You must be able to demonstrate this by sustained national/international acclaim and be coming to the U.S. temporarily.


There are various important features to know about the O-1A visa before our immigration lawyers in Miami help you apply.

  • You can work legally with this visa, but if you change jobs you will need a new visa
  • These visas can be issued quickly
  • O-1A visas are granted for the amount of time needed for a particular event, but can be extended indefinitely
  • You can travel in and out of the U.S. provided all visa stamps and statuses are valid


To apply for an O-1A visa, you need to file the Form I-129, 45 days before the date of employment. For the O-2 visa, you also need to file the same form, with the relevant documents.

For an O-3 visa (for family of O-1 and O-2 visa holders), spouse and children can apply and study in the U.S.

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