USCIS accepting fresh petitions for H-1B visas

The 2021 H-1B season was highly anticipated, following the 2020 restrictions and regulations that took place at the onset of COVID-19. In fact, in June 2021, the US immigration agency received over 308,000 applications during the initial registration period for the coveted H-1B for 2022, a 12.5% increase over the current year. Of that surge in applicants, 87,500 were selected. This week, it was announced that due to USCIS following a fiscal year, along with the available visas to meet caps, USCIS will accept H-1B applications from August 2-November 3, 2021.


There are some important points to note regarding the short season window for applications, and an H-1B attorney is highly recommended to ensure this brief window is maximized for applicants. In fact, application errors are common and can be avoided with the help of a professional with expertise in this area. 


Some points to be aware of:


  • Online filing is not available for H-1B petitions. Petitioners filing H-1B petitions must do so by paper and must include a printed copy of the applicable registration selection notice with the FY 2022 H-1B cap-subject petition
  • H-1B visas are highly coveted and competitive, so it’s advised to review the key H-1B requirements to be mindful of what makes your application compelling 
  • When building an application with an attorney, gather all relevant documents that attest to your unique qualifications, your expertise in a given professional field, educational and professional accolades, and other documentation that can lend itself to prove your capabilities


It’s important to start off the H-1B with a solid legal strategy to strengthen your H-1B application. Business immigration attorneys have a unique and focused professional expertise that are beneficial in H-1B cases. There are many factors, such as prevailing wage, that go into an H-1B qualified position. From employer to employee, an H-1B attorney is essential. Contact us today to discuss your options.