Labor shortage disparity will continue to grow with current immigration restrictions

Over the course of the pandemic, the United States has seen a variety of industries suffer significant labor shortages–many still struggling to attract talent, dueling with counter offers to win a candidate, and even then, accepted offers are being forfeited for a multitude of reasons. One solution that could help mitigate this growing gap in […]

Expanded employment authorization will help foreign spouses eager to work

A series of class action lawsuits propelled action from the Biden Administration this month regarding the complex process for the spouses of U.S. work visa holders to obtain work authorization. According to the National Law Review, the program expansion is expected to help thousands of spouses of foreign executives, managers, and specialty occupation workers who […]

An Introduction to the L1 Visa

Are you a foreign national looking to transfer to a US based position within your company? Then you might be the perfect candidate for an L-1 visa. While there are additional requirements that you’ll need to adhere to, the L1 visa is a fairly straightforward visa process. Like many other work visas, this one requires […]