How Health Impacts Green Card and Visa Eligibility

Now more than ever, global health at the individual level has become a central conversation in regards to immigration. As we waver in and out of pandemic waves and variants, countries want to ensure they are protecting their residents and economies by avoiding health risks. In the code of federal regulations, these requirements are known […]

South Florida mayors unite on a common goal: immigration reform

It’s no secret that Florida, particularly South Florida, has long been an attractive location for foriegn nationals. Immigrants are deeply woven into the fabric of South Florida, and its what makes the region culturally dynamic and robust. In an attempt to urge Congress to use the budget reconciliation process to approve a pathway to citizenship […]

How Immigration Decline is Impacting American Cities

What happens after I become a permanent resident

We talk often about the value that immigrants bring to the United States, from cultural diversity to economic contributions. In fact, many towns and cities of all sizes across the United States benefit from immigration programs and an influx of foreign nationals. While the stance on immigration in the U.S. is a contested one, the […]

Understanding Adjustment of Status

The US immigration system is full of complex names, acronyms, processes, and requirements. One common term a foreign national might encounter is Adjustment of Status, or AOS. AOS is a process that allows an eligible applicant to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States without having to go abroad and apply for an […]

A Look at the STEM Job Market and How Immigration Plays a Role

Despite the immense innovation and education that exist within the United States, we are still facing a shortage of qualified candidates for specific specialty occupations–most notably those related to computer engineering and mathematics related positions. The STEM supply-and-demand dynamics involve many actors: students, current STEM workers, educational institutions, government, and the private sector. In 2020, […]

How Immigrants Positively Impact American communities

Often on the news, we hear immigration discussed as a problem, with emphasis on negative stories that insert a fear factor to the average American. However, there are some incredible situations that happen every day in the United States that involve immigrants. Because we believe in the power of immigration, and because we are immigrants […]

Investing and doing business in the US everything you need to know about

business in the us

Thanks to government initiatives and various programs in place. The US has become a hub of foreign investment that continues to innovate, grow, and prosper. There has never been a better time to invest in the US. If you’re considering doing business in America, here are a few things you need to know.

Can a US Citizen sponsor a foreign family member?

There are several benefits that foriegn nationals enjoy when they go through naturalization and become US citizens. One of those benefits is that they can petition for family members that are living abroad as foriegn nationals. As a citizen of the United States, you may help a relative become a lawful permanent resident of the […]

Immigration Basics: The Family Based Green Card

Family based green cards are a well known means. They are often a lengthy process with many variables that must be considered as a means of US immigration.

Family based green cards are a well known means of entry and residence into the United States. However, they are often a lengthy process with many variables that must be considered as a means of US immigration. A few common factors that impact the family based green card timeline include: Country of residence Legal status […]

How Immigration Helps the US Healthcare Sector

This past year more than ever, the healthcare system was put under significant strain as the United States, and the rest of the world, battled COVID-19. In regards to the demand on the healthcare employees, it is a preview of workloads to come. Based on the current amount of Americans (76 million!) who are entering […]