The Green Card Health Examination

When applying for a green card in the United States, applicants undergo a series of forms, interviews, exams, and more. One of the exams that applicants must complete is a health examination performed by an approved medical professional.    This is not a standard physical examination. In fact, it is more of a screening to […]

Finalizing a marriage visa amid divorce

Marriage between an American citizen and a foreign national is one of the most common routes that applicants pursue towards permanent residence in the United States. So what happens when a foreign national on a temporary marriage visa is faced with a pending divorce? While saving their marriage might not be in the cards, another […]

Could you qualify for the “Einstein” green card?

The Einstein green card is the most prestigious green card category in the US

It’s as impressive as it sounds: the Einstein green card is the most prestigious green card category in the US, and it is reserved for people who possess extraordinary ability in any of the following fields: Science Arts Education Business Athletics It’s a very coveted and unique form of entry into the United States. In […]

Can a US Citizen sponsor a foreign family member?

There are several benefits that foriegn nationals enjoy when they go through naturalization and become US citizens. One of those benefits is that they can petition for family members that are living abroad as foriegn nationals. As a citizen of the United States, you may help a relative become a lawful permanent resident of the […]

Immigration Basics: The Family Based Green Card

Family based green cards are a well known means. They are often a lengthy process with many variables that must be considered as a means of US immigration.

Family based green cards are a well known means of entry and residence into the United States. However, they are often a lengthy process with many variables that must be considered as a means of US immigration. A few common factors that impact the family based green card timeline include: Country of residence Legal status […]

How Immigration Keeps the US Competitive

For a significant amount of Americans, being the best in the world is not just a goal to strive for–for some, it’s a large part of their identity. Making America the leading free enterprise market in the world is more than just slogans and waving the flag: it’s about embracing policy that helps make America […]

Why the US Should Welcome Chinese Immigrants

When it comes to politics, the common narrative puts the United States against China, seen as two countries at a race for being the leader of innovation and economic development. In fact, fear of China has even impacted immigration, with several leaders calling for reform on Chinese immigration policies. For example, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) […]

USCIS Reverses Trump-Era Policy Denying Certain Immigrant Visa Applications

This week, the Biden administration made a key step in trying to correct immigration system limitations set in place by the Trump administration.  This change comes to impact certain foreign applicants looking to apply for asylum in the United States due to serious violent threats, including domestic abuse. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) […]

Let’s Talk Love: All About The K-1 Visa

By now, you might have seen us talk about Love, Talent and Money as the three main pillars of immigration. While we post a fair share about investment visas like the EB-5, and talent visas like the H1-B visa, in this post we are going to highlight how you can come to the United States […]

How immigration can positively impact growth problems in America

Economists broadly agree that population growth fuels economic growth in wealthy countries, and lately you may have seen headlines about declining birth rates and census figures showing the lowest growth rate since the 1930s. Some young Americans have opted to not have children, or cannot, and some simply do not want to. So where are […]