How Immigration Keeps the US Competitive

For a significant amount of Americans, being the best in the world is not just a goal to strive for–for some, it’s a large part of their identity. Making America the leading free enterprise market in the world is more than just slogans and waving the flag: it’s about embracing policy that helps make America […]

Why the US Should Welcome Chinese Immigrants

When it comes to politics, the common narrative puts the United States against China, seen as two countries at a race for being the leader of innovation and economic development. In fact, fear of China has even impacted immigration, with several leaders calling for reform on Chinese immigration policies. For example, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) […]

USCIS Reverses Trump-Era Policy Denying Certain Immigrant Visa Applications

This week, the Biden administration made a key step in trying to correct immigration system limitations set in place by the Trump administration.  This change comes to impact certain foreign applicants looking to apply for asylum in the United States due to serious violent threats, including domestic abuse. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) […]

Why immigrants are a key part of DEI programs

Many companies make statements, create programs, and drive internal committees and structural changes towards diversity, inclusion, and equity, also referred to as DEI. Because diversity spans several criteria, such as gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and marital status, among other elements, DEI programs are complex and also examined very closely. The important thing to consider is […]

How To Secure An H-1B Based On Recapture

The H-1B program is a popular visa option for many foreign professionals from specialty occupations. The H-1B is a desired method of entry for many immigrants, because it allows for a lengthy stay upon approval. The status is approved initially for a period of up to three years, and can then be renewed for up […]

Why HCM Professionals Need to Invest in Foreign Talent

Recruitment and retention are at the core of the human capital management (HCM) field. For many of these talent leaders, they are also measurable areas that speak to a department’s successes–or shortcomings. While many thought leadership pieces have been released with data about the decline of company loyalty in upcoming professional generations (such as Millennials […]

How Immigrant Entrepreneurs Help the U.S.

In the past, we have shared the stories of high-profile immigrants, typically H-1B visa recipients that have contributed significantly to the changing landscape of the world of work. Famous founders like Elon Musk, and famous technologies like Instagram, Google and Zoom, are all linked to immigrant entrepreneurship. You may not know that immigrants tend to […]

Achieving diversity & inclusion goals with H1-B

Diversity and inclusion is a major area of focus for companies of all sizes, with heavy emphasis on how they can make their hiring, processes, and overall culture more dynamically diverse. This is one area that the H1-B program helps contribute to the fabric of a company, and to our country as a whole.  When […]

Love, Talent & Money: 3 ways to come to America

If you’ve ever caught us on Instagram Live, you have probably heard us talk about Love, Talent and Money as the three most effective ways to come to the United States. Here, we will break down these areas in regards to immigration and how they can work for you. Let’s get to it! Love. This […]

Transfering your H1-B visa: What you need to know

The application, selection, and approval process for H1-B applicants can be downright daunting. It’s no wonder that once a candidate receives the visa, they are overwhelmingly relieved. However, sometimes company plans change, and employees can be notified that their role is being terminated or the position is being eliminated entirely. In this instance, many candidates […]