Sustainable Green Investment Grows in Florida

Long known as the Sunshine State, Florida is putting its ample sunshine to use in more ways than one. From manufacturing investors, to aerospace and clean energy companies, Florida is a destination for investors from around the world looking to make a sustainability impact.


Just as consumers are more aware and interested in making responsible decisions, businesses are seeking out climate conscious ways of operations and evolution. Sustainability drives economic benefits while also providing a long-term and fruitful investment. 


Florida is a key economic center

Remarkably, Florida is a behemoth of a state for economic prosperity. In fact, its $1.1 trillion annual economy makes it the 17th largest economy in the world. While a large portion of that revenue is tied to tourism, technology and investments in innovation are also an increasing driver of revenue gains.


Florida has a long history with innovation

From theme parks to space travel, commercial flights to computers, Florida is no stranger to innovation and industrial developments. As needs have shifted over the years, green tech initiatives like solar energy and green hydrogen industries are also making headway in the sunshine state. 


Why invest in Florida?

Foreign investors are drawn to Florida for a variety of reasons, and depending on investment visas and other desired outcomes, different reasons may appeal to you. Here are some key points to consider:


  • Low corporate tax rate
  • Strong pro-business regulatory system
  • No state income tax
  • Diverse and highly educated talent
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Proximity to Latin America for business and trade 


If you’re interested in exploring the investment opportunities that await in the United States, we encourage you to explore the green energy initiatives happening here in Florida. Our Miami based Loigica team is ready to consult with you about your business and help you on the path to legal American citizenship by investment