L1 Visas

L1 Visas require employers to petition to obtain authorization for qualified employees to be allowed to work/live in the United States.

The E-1 is a nonimmigrant visa that allows an individual of a treaty country to reside in the U.S. based solely to engage in international trade on their own behalf. If they’re in the U.S as a lawful immigrants they can file to petition for the I-129 Form to change their status to an E-1 Visa. 

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    L1 Visa

    The L1 visa allows for a foreign executive to be transferred to the United States for the purpose of opening a company or working as an executive in a company that is already operating within the United States.

    Status change

    The L1 visa is a non-immigrant visa, which means that the executive always intends to “return to his country of origin”, and in much like the EB-1 visa with regards to the requirements, and for this reason, people who have an approved L-1 visa are also eligible to apply for American residency (Green card).

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