International Students Remain Key for U.S. Tech Industry

When it comes to advances in technology (including everyone’s favorite apps, websites, and personal tech), international talent is leading the way in regards to workforce talent. In fact, the American economy and university system owe a significant amount of gratitude to these foreign nationals and international students. According to data from the New American Economy, the United States would have far fewer graduate students and other highly-educated individuals with backgrounds in science and engineering, and an even more significant talent gap between economic demand and the ability to fill that demand. While the U.S. is still lagging with professionally trained tech talent, that lag would be increasingly significant without international students preparing to graduate and advance into the workforce. 


One issue that endangers this trajectory is the anti-immigration narrative that immigrants take jobs from Americans. While it is true that most of the graduate students are from India and China—two countries where U.S. policies are preventing or discouraging individuals from studying in America, the reality of the situation is that American students simply are not going through the intense preparatory education programs to be qualified to fill and excel at these tech roles. Thus, the international students are on the path to become tech professionals, where Americans typically are attracted to other industries. 


Beyond tech, other academic areas that benefit from international students include engineering (petroleum, electrical, industrial, mechanical, chemical, metal, and civil), statistics, economics, pharmaceutical sciences, and mathematics. 


At Loigica, we believe that foreign talent is key to further advancing the successes of the United States. In fact, our team is woven with foreign talent from Colombia, Spain, France, Italy, and Cuba. Many of us were international students who came on F-1 visas to the U.S. to study the law. If you are an international student looking at your future opportunities in the United States, contact our international student visa attorneys today.