Choosing the Correct Visa in the U.S.

Choosing the correct visa for the U.S. is a tricky and complex area of the law, which is why it’s often necessary to retain expert legal counsel and advice. We help employers, employees, and other clients prepare and submit visa applications of all sorts, and will also provide counsel on which visa is ideal for your unique situation.

Our strategies reflect and address any changes in immigration law and procedures in Miami, ensuring the best possible outcome. Reach out to our immigration lawyers in Miami today to get started and find out which visa is best for you.

Find out which visa you may need:

Ideal for talented individuals, the O-1A visa is aimed at those with extraordinary talent in sciences, education, athletics, or business. If you want to come to the U.S. temporarily to continue in your field, this may be an appropriate visa.
If you’ve made significant capital investments in commercial enterprises in the U.S, you may be eligible for this visa. You’ll receive conditional permanent residence, contingent on the success of your investments.
If you want to transfer from your current overseas company to an opening branch in the U.S., and you have managerial or executive knowledge, this is a relevant visa for your situation.
This non-immigrant visa allows employees with “specialized knowledge” to transfer from an overseas branch to their company’s U.S. offices for up to 7 years.
A temporary visa, this visa is relevant for employers trying to get their employees to work in a specialty field in the U.S., such as services of exceptional merit.
If you’re an investor from a treaty country and you want to develop your enterprise, this is a relevant visa for your situation.

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