How Immigration Keeps the US Competitive

For a significant amount of Americans, being the best in the world is not just a goal to strive for–for some, it’s a large part of their identity. Making America the leading free enterprise market in the world is more than just slogans and waving the flag: it’s about embracing policy that helps make America stronger, smarter, and more innovative. Ironically, “Making America Great” is a process that requires ample foreign input. 

That input comes in the form of global talent and investment. We’ll cover both avenues here, but both are equally important when we consider the future economy and livability of the United States. 

Foreign talent

Each year, hundreds of thousands of applicants are given entry access to the United States in the form of work visas like the H-1B. If you aren’t aware, H-1B visas are part of a government program to allow a legal immigration path into the United States tied to very specific roles at U.S. based companies.  Most often, global talent that comes on H-1B visas include leading minds in the engineering, medical, technology, and science spaces. The process is quite crowded and competitive, and there are always deserving candidates that are not selected. H-1B attorneys can help strengthen an application and also provide emphasis into what makes foreign talent so unique and necessary for a given role, which can be beneficial. The process is very specific and arduous, and legal assistance is recommended.

Economic investment

Some foreign nationals choose to come to the United States by a more direct process: investment. Depending on the applicant’s home country, there are international agreements in place that offer a variety of different visa types for foreign investors. For example, we’ve recently covered the E-2 and EB-5 as part of the treaty trader investor visa program, which is limited to a set list of treaty countries. 

While there are immigration visa programs in place for foriegn nationals that assist in enhancing competitiveness in the United States, there is still work to be done. For starters, an entrepreneur or startup visa would be a huge competitive gain for the United States. Other countries, like the UK and Canada, have programs in place that allow these innovators to immigrate with their own unique process, documenting rounds of funding and other financial details. Countries can determine what their startup visas require – there is no standard, meaning the U.S. could be as competitive as they want to with this program, should they wish to explore it. 

If you’re a foreign investor or foreign national looking to come to the United States, contact our experienced immigration attorneys today for a free consultation.