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Invertir vivir Estados Unidos

En el segundo semestre de 2021 el gobierno de Estados Unidos (EE.UU) estimuló la economía del país mediante diversos programas como lo fueron los auxilios por desempleo, cheques a las familias y préstamos a las empresas, que a su vez ayudaron a remediar la tasa de desempleo. Ese incremento en gastos del hogar y en […]

Cómo aplicar a la visa de turismo B2 si eres Colombiano | paso a paso |

Estás interesado en viajar a los Estados Unidos (EE. UU.), y por eso estás buscando adquirir la visa de turista (B2). Desde Loigica reconocemos que puede ser un proceso extenso y un tanto meticuloso, por lo que te presentamos esta guía sin costo para que hoy mismo puedas diligenciar los formularios de la visa de […]

Marriage Visas for Same Sex Couples #PrideMonth

It’s #PrideMonth, so we would like to take the time to discuss options for immigration for same-sex couples, and what would the visas for same sex couples be. Since the Obama administration, same-sex marriage rights have been subject to review and consideration by homeland security. The decree reads the following: Statement from Secretary of Homeland […]

What happens after I become a permanent resident?

The path to American citizenship is an emotional journey for the millions of immigrants that apply for their green cards each year. Once you’ve obtained your green card, there are responsibilities that you have as a new American citizen. In this publication, we briefly describe what happens after you become a permanent resident. Some foreign nationals come […]

New CEO at Twitter reinforces the tech impact of Indians in America

American technology innovation has a growing pattern: putting Indian immigrants at the C-level, and frequently, as the CEO. As you have probably heard, Twitter Inc. became the latest Silicon Valley titan to appoint an Indian-born chief executive officer, Parag Agrawal, joining the ranks of fellow major tech companies Microsoft, Adobe, and Alphabet (Google), among others. […]

The international student’s path to employment-based U.S. citizenship

For many young people around the world, the U.S. is a competitive and desirable location to complete higher education, such as college and graduate programs. But what happens beyond graduation? Here, we outline a few ways that foreign national students on international student visas can navigate the U.S. immigration system to remain legal residents, and […]

Expanded employment authorization will help foreign spouses eager to work

A series of class action lawsuits propelled action from the Biden Administration this month regarding the complex process for the spouses of U.S. work visa holders to obtain work authorization. According to the National Law Review, the program expansion is expected to help thousands of spouses of foreign executives, managers, and specialty occupation workers who […]

Client Success Story: Change of Status for Foreign Nationals on OPT

While we know that no two cases are the same when it comes to immigration, we do believe that we encounter many unique cases that put our legal talents to the test. We are going to share a recent client story that had some interesting and complex elements, but ultimately ended in success for our […]

Bringing Immigrant Family Members to the U.S.

Moving can be an exciting, yet stressful, adventure. Add a move to a new country and there are significant challenges and questions that arise in the process. Depending on your unique situation for coming to the United States, there are specific regulations and rules that you should be aware of in regards to bringing your […]

How H-1B availability is contributing to candidate shortage

Many headlines recently have shown the labor shortage in the United States, and few industries have as large of a gap to fill as the computer science industry. In fact, “There are more than 1.2 million unique active job vacancy postings in computer occupations in the United States as of September 6, 2021, up 15% […]