Do any current US visas help startup founders?

In the past, we’ve talked about foreign entrepreneurship in America, and also about famous H-1B recipients who went on to become founders of some household companies that employ tens of thousands of American citizens. Typically, these founders have had to build companies alongside their sponsored work positions, which can quickly take its toll on a […]

USCIS Launches COVID-19 Resource Center

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many processes for a loop over the past 18 months, with new rules, travel bans, and other complications arising at a steady rate. With so many changes in mind, the USCIS website has pooled all COVID related digital resources together into a digital document, the COVID-19 Resource Response.    In […]

4 Steps to PERM Certification

If you’re an American business looking to hire international talent, there are some general steps you should be aware of in the process of legally staffing foriegn nationals. One common method that many American enterprises utilize is the PERM Labor Certification. As the name alludes, the PERM certification is meant to be a PERManent employee […]

Pathway to citizenship, green cards for millions in budget proposal

Democrats recently unveiled their $3.5 trillion budget proposal, which has some significant immigration related goals. Specifically, there are loosely detailed programs around lawful permanent status and green cards for immigrants who qualify and their families.     This plan is particularly relevant for the constantly refuted DACA program, and this plan that would cover DACA Dreamers […]

South Florida mayors unite on a common goal: immigration reform

It’s no secret that Florida, particularly South Florida, has long been an attractive location for foriegn nationals. Immigrants are deeply woven into the fabric of South Florida, and its what makes the region culturally dynamic and robust. In an attempt to urge Congress to use the budget reconciliation process to approve a pathway to citizenship […]

What is Blanket L Certification

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Many companies like to send their skilled, long-term employees to open new offices and expand into markets. International business executives have been doing this for decades as they build professional footprints, including crucial company functions like hiring workforces, refining office space, teaching operations, and training on procedures and products. For this reason, companies are wise […]

Sustainable Green Investment Grows in Florida

Long known as the Sunshine State, Florida is putting its ample sunshine to use in more ways than one. From manufacturing investors, to aerospace and clean energy companies, Florida is a destination for investors from around the world looking to make a sustainability impact.   Just as consumers are more aware and interested in making […]

Investing and doing business in the US everything you need to know about

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Thanks to government initiatives and various programs in place. The US has become a hub of foreign investment that continues to innovate, grow, and prosper. There has never been a better time to invest in the US. If you’re considering doing business in America, here are a few things you need to know.

How Immigration Keeps the US Competitive

For a significant amount of Americans, being the best in the world is not just a goal to strive for–for some, it’s a large part of their identity. Making America the leading free enterprise market in the world is more than just slogans and waving the flag: it’s about embracing policy that helps make America […]

In Celebration of Entrepreneurial Immigrants

As we have discussed in the past, immigrant entrepreneurs have a rich history of starting successful businesses in America. From Alexander Graham Bell (Scottish) to Google’s Sergey Brin (Russian), immigrants have created some of America’s most iconic companies. In fact, more than 40 percent of the Fortune 500 companies in 2010 were founded by an […]