Marriage Visas for Same Sex Couples #PrideMonth

It’s #PrideMonth, so we would like to take the time to discuss options for immigration for same-sex couples, and what would the visas for same sex couples be. Since the Obama administration, same-sex marriage rights have been subject to review and consideration by homeland security. The decree reads the following: Statement from Secretary of Homeland […]

Immigration affects the US economy | Infographic |

immigration affects the US economy

| Immigration affects the U.S. economy |. In recent years, There have been many conversations and dialogues about how immigration is a threat to Americans. We rounded up a few of the most common conspiracytheories to help debunk some harmful anti-immigration rhetoric. It is important to be able to separate fact from fake news. Let’s […]

Understanding Adjustment of Status

The US immigration system is full of complex names, acronyms, processes, and requirements. One common term a foreign national might encounter is Adjustment of Status, or AOS. AOS is a process that allows an eligible applicant to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States without having to go abroad and apply for an […]

An Introduction to the L1 Visa

Are you a foreign national looking to transfer to a US based position within your company? Then you might be the perfect candidate for an L-1 visa. While there are additional requirements that you’ll need to adhere to, the L1 visa is a fairly straightforward visa process. Like many other work visas, this one requires […]

Trending Investment Sectors in Florida

Despite momentum in China, the US is still the top market for international investment. And while tourism and agriculture have been the traditional investment avenues for foreign and domestic interest, Florida has made important steps in diversifying its economy. Making headlines all across the country, technology has been a big area of opportunity as the […]

How Immigrants Positively Impact American communities

Often on the news, we hear immigration discussed as a problem, with emphasis on negative stories that insert a fear factor to the average American. However, there are some incredible situations that happen every day in the United States that involve immigrants. Because we believe in the power of immigration, and because we are immigrants […]

Tips to Prepare for your Marriage Visa Interview

Tips to Prepare for Your Marriage Visa Interview*   *This article does not guarantee a successful interview and issuance of a marriage visa.    One of the most crucial steps of the marriage interview process is the interview with a USCIS agent. The reason this meeting is so important is because the petitioning spouse and […]

Which visas offer the quickest options for international talent?

When it comes to work visas for foreign talent, we frequently talk about the highly competitive and popular H1-B. It comes around once per year, with caps on distributions and a large pool of equally talented and qualified foriegn nationals. It’s an area where our clients have consistent success, but it is also restrictive due […]

Could you qualify for the “Einstein” green card?

The Einstein green card is the most prestigious green card category in the US

It’s as impressive as it sounds: the Einstein green card is the most prestigious green card category in the US, and it is reserved for people who possess extraordinary ability in any of the following fields: Science Arts Education Business Athletics It’s a very coveted and unique form of entry into the United States. In […]

How Immigration Helps the US Healthcare Sector

This past year more than ever, the healthcare system was put under significant strain as the United States, and the rest of the world, battled COVID-19. In regards to the demand on the healthcare employees, it is a preview of workloads to come. Based on the current amount of Americans (76 million!) who are entering […]