What happens after I become a permanent resident?

The path to American citizenship is an emotional journey for the millions of immigrants that apply for their green cards each year. Once you’ve obtained your green card, there are responsibilities that you have as a new American citizen. In this publication, we briefly describe what happens after you become a permanent resident. Some foreign nationals come […]

Can a US Citizen sponsor a foreign family member?

There are several benefits that foriegn nationals enjoy when they go through naturalization and become US citizens. One of those benefits is that they can petition for family members that are living abroad as foriegn nationals. As a citizen of the United States, you may help a relative become a lawful permanent resident of the […]

Immigration Basics: The Family Based Green Card

Family based green cards are a well known means. They are often a lengthy process with many variables that must be considered as a means of US immigration.

Family based green cards are a well known means of entry and residence into the United States. However, they are often a lengthy process with many variables that must be considered as a means of US immigration. A few common factors that impact the family based green card timeline include: Country of residence Legal status […]

In Celebration of Entrepreneurial Immigrants

As we have discussed in the past, immigrant entrepreneurs have a rich history of starting successful businesses in America. From Alexander Graham Bell (Scottish) to Google’s Sergey Brin (Russian), immigrants have created some of America’s most iconic companies. In fact, more than 40 percent of the Fortune 500 companies in 2010 were founded by an […]

The E-2 Visa for Citizens of Non-Treaty Countries

We’ve talked about treaty trader country agreements in the past, and how citizens from countries like Canada and Japan (among many others) can apply for the E-2 investor visa as a part of that international agreement.  However, what about citizens of other countries, such as China and India? Are they also able to achieve status […]

Why HCM Professionals Need to Invest in Foreign Talent

Recruitment and retention are at the core of the human capital management (HCM) field. For many of these talent leaders, they are also measurable areas that speak to a department’s successes–or shortcomings. While many thought leadership pieces have been released with data about the decline of company loyalty in upcoming professional generations (such as Millennials […]

How immigration can positively impact growth problems in America

Economists broadly agree that population growth fuels economic growth in wealthy countries, and lately you may have seen headlines about declining birth rates and census figures showing the lowest growth rate since the 1930s. Some young Americans have opted to not have children, or cannot, and some simply do not want to. So where are […]

Achieving diversity & inclusion goals with H1-B

Diversity and inclusion is a major area of focus for companies of all sizes, with heavy emphasis on how they can make their hiring, processes, and overall culture more dynamically diverse. This is one area that the H1-B program helps contribute to the fabric of a company, and to our country as a whole.  When […]