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Invertir vivir Estados Unidos

En el segundo semestre de 2021 el gobierno de Estados Unidos (EE.UU) estimuló la economía del país mediante diversos programas como lo fueron los auxilios por desempleo, cheques a las familias y préstamos a las empresas, que a su vez ayudaron a remediar la tasa de desempleo. Ese incremento en gastos del hogar y en […]

Cómo aplicar a la visa de turismo B2 si eres Colombiano | paso a paso |

Estás interesado en viajar a los Estados Unidos (EE. UU.), y por eso estás buscando adquirir la visa de turista (B2). Desde Loigica reconocemos que puede ser un proceso extenso y un tanto meticuloso, por lo que te presentamos esta guía sin costo para que hoy mismo puedas diligenciar los formularios de la visa de […]

What is Blanket L Certification

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Many companies like to send their skilled, long-term employees to open new offices and expand into markets. International business executives have been doing this for decades as they build professional footprints, including crucial company functions like hiring workforces, refining office space, teaching operations, and training on procedures and products. For this reason, companies are wise […]

Sustainable Green Investment Grows in Florida

Long known as the Sunshine State, Florida is putting its ample sunshine to use in more ways than one. From manufacturing investors, to aerospace and clean energy companies, Florida is a destination for investors from around the world looking to make a sustainability impact.   Just as consumers are more aware and interested in making […]

A Look at the STEM Job Market and How Immigration Plays a Role

Despite the immense innovation and education that exist within the United States, we are still facing a shortage of qualified candidates for specific specialty occupations–most notably those related to computer engineering and mathematics related positions. The STEM supply-and-demand dynamics involve many actors: students, current STEM workers, educational institutions, government, and the private sector. In 2020, […]

Investing and doing business in the US everything you need to know about

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Thanks to government initiatives and various programs in place. The US has become a hub of foreign investment that continues to innovate, grow, and prosper. There has never been a better time to invest in the US. If you’re considering doing business in America, here are a few things you need to know.

How Immigration Keeps the US Competitive

For a significant amount of Americans, being the best in the world is not just a goal to strive for–for some, it’s a large part of their identity. Making America the leading free enterprise market in the world is more than just slogans and waving the flag: it’s about embracing policy that helps make America […]

Understanding the E-1 Visa

The immigration visa system is a complex universe filled with opportunities for foreign nationals to enter America. While the options are bountiful, each type of visa has its own unique set of requirements that make its applicant pool very focused. For example, H-1B visa applicants are foreign talent living abroad that are offered specific roles […]

USCIS Reverses Trump-Era Policy Denying Certain Immigrant Visa Applications

This week, the Biden administration made a key step in trying to correct immigration system limitations set in place by the Trump administration.  This change comes to impact certain foreign applicants looking to apply for asylum in the United States due to serious violent threats, including domestic abuse. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) […]

Let’s Talk Love: All About The K-1 Visa

By now, you might have seen us talk about Love, Talent and Money as the three main pillars of immigration. While we post a fair share about investment visas like the EB-5, and talent visas like the H1-B visa, in this post we are going to highlight how you can come to the United States […]