How Health Impacts Green Card and Visa Eligibility

Now more than ever, global health at the individual level has become a central conversation in regards to immigration. As we waver in and out of pandemic waves and variants, countries want to ensure they are protecting their residents and economies by avoiding health risks. In the code of federal regulations, these requirements are known […]

Key Tips for a Compelling NIW Application

The National Interest Waiver is a unique immigration program that offers a route to a U.S. green card as an independent professional. Based on the requirements that applicants have specific educational and professional qualifications, the applicants in question must also prove to contribute to the national interest of the United States in one of several […]

Can Healthcare Workers Qualify for National Interest Waivers?

Currently, the United States is experiencing a strain on staffing in a variety of industries, including healthcare. As the COVID-19 pandemic has proven constantly strenuous for many healthcare workers, some have left the industry completely–leaving the U.S. with a shortage of doctors, nurses, and other important medical professionals.    This raises the question: Can healthcare […]

How to Apply for a National Interest Waiver

We frequently explore green card processes attached to employers, marriage, and investment, however, there is another opportunity for foreign nationals looking to come to America that doesn’t involve any of these things: the national interest waiver.   The National Interest Waiver (NIW) is a program that was created to offer special immigration access to impressive […]

The Green Card Health Examination

When applying for a green card in the United States, applicants undergo a series of forms, interviews, exams, and more. One of the exams that applicants must complete is a health examination performed by an approved medical professional.    This is not a standard physical examination. In fact, it is more of a screening to […]

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for Green Card Applicants

The CDC has announced new regulations that require all green card applicants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. While the CDC is not commonly involved in immigration procedures, this is not the first time the health agency has stepped in to establish required vaccinations for travel and immigration purposes. In fact, specific to immigration alone, […]

September deadline quickly approaching for employer-based green cards

The end of September marks a significant deadline for a large set of employer based green card applicants: 100,000 available green cards will expire at the end of the month, closing out the fiscal year for employer based immigration. After a tumultuous 18 months with COVID-19, immigration delays and bans, this allotment of visas could […]

Can H-1B dependents legally work in the US?

H-1B visas are awarded each year based on a variety of factors, and they are a visa program that is strictly linked to employment at American companies. You might know that H-1B visa recipients can travel to the U.S. to work a specific job as part of an employment contract. What you might not know […]

Finalizing a marriage visa amid divorce

Marriage between an American citizen and a foreign national is one of the most common routes that applicants pursue towards permanent residence in the United States. So what happens when a foreign national on a temporary marriage visa is faced with a pending divorce? While saving their marriage might not be in the cards, another […]

Recognizing Foreign Nationals in America on Labor Day

Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers and is traditionally observed on the first Monday in September. It was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894. As the cultural makeup of America continues to diversify and evolve, our team at […]